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Power develops much like strength does except it requires a consistent ratio of speed, resistence and instensity.

Powernetics presents the machines that bring these three elements together.

Without question their machines are second to none. If you want to take your athletic skill to another level then use Powernetics equipment.
Don Beebe, CEO/House of Speed, former Green Bay Packer

For professional, school and individual athletes that want to achieve and maintain peak performance, Powernetics weight training machines have been the #1 choice for over 25 years.

The unique design of Powernetics weight training machines allows athletes to work explosively and safely, taking them to a level of training never experienced through traditional methods. Professional and educational organizations, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, rugby, universities/colleges, and high school and junior high teams, use Powernetics explosive weight training machines to keep their athletes in peak form.

Designed for Athletes by Athletes

When he founded Powernetics in 1982, Barney Fuller’s vision was simple – create a powerful, explosive vertical jump machine. The result was the Super Cat, now one of 11 innovative fitness machines designed by athletes, for athletes, and manufactured by Texas-based Powernetics.

 “I see The Bear as the king of the lower body exercise and the finest tool for squatting, on the market today."
Mike Woicik, Strength Coach, New England Patriots

Powernetics weight training equipment develops an athlete's speed, quickness, power and capability far above the norm. Our 11 powerful weight training machines help athletes to fully develop every aspect of their capability:

  • Super Cat - Vertical Jump Machine
  • Attacker - Ground Base Hand Separation

  • Bear - Explosive Squat Machine
  • Power Trainer - Deadlift and Power Clean
  • Power Row - Explosive Row
  • High Stepper - Hip Flexor

  • Kicker - Eliminator
  • Power Neck - Four Position Neck

  • Shoulder Rotator - 225-Degree Rotation

  • Dominator - Torque and Turn

  • Bulldog - Hip and Leg Drive

    Contact us today and learn how Powernetics can help take your athletic program to the next level.

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