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Super Cat
Super Cat is America's # 1 Vertical Jump Machine

Basketball and athletic programs all across America use Powernetic's flagship machine, the Super Cat, for explosive vertical jump training. The Super Cat has been proven again and again to be the most effective machine for developing the "Power Potential" of athletes.

Similar machines don't come close to the Super Cat's durability and safe operation that outlasts the most strenuous workout regiment. Powernetics is recording the highest level of achieved vertical jumps for athletes training on the explosive Super Cat.

Powernetic's President Gary Fuller, at 6'0", developed a 52" vertical jump by training on the Super Cat. Picture yourself making that leap. The Super Cat can do that for you.

Check out our Prices on the Super Cat. It's affordable, even for home use. Then contact Powernetics today.

No other vertical jump machine delivers the explosive exercise of the #1 selling machine - Super Cat:

  • Quarter Squat jumps
  • Angle Squat jumps
  • Angle Squats
  • Flat Squats

Super Cat 

Develops the "POWER POTENTIAL" of every athlete. The Super Cat will dramatically increase the speed, quickness and vertical jump of every athlete.

Dimensions: 28"W  X 61"H  X 68"L

Weight: 270 lbs. 

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