Take your training to the next level

These are power machines as well as strength machines.  We have observed that power develops much like strength does except that power requires a consistent ratio of speed, resistance and intensity.  Powernetics equipment is designed to safely condition the athlete at the appropriate level of speed.

Powernetics works out large numbers of athletes in a short period of time.  Our machines account for body mechanics and strength changes which occur through a range of motion.

  • Dramatically increasing vertical jump, speed and quickness

  • Developing the power potential of every athlete

  • Explosive weight training without the risk of injury

Strength & Conditioning


Power & Flexibility


Speed & Agility



Powernetics  equipment is superior to anything on the market today.  We have been building explosive weight training machines and taking athletes to the next level since 1981.   Don’t be fooled by inferior knock off machines that claim they do the same things, and their quality and construction don’t come close to the safety and durability of  Powernetics machines.  We take pride in building machines that will outlast any strenuous workout regiment and work properly for years to come.

The unique design of Powernetics machines allow athletes to work explosively and safely.  These explosive exercises are taking athletes to a level of training never experienced by traditional methods.  We are developing the speed, quickness, power and vertical jump of athletes far above the norm.

Programs training with Powernetics machines range from the NFL, NBA, MLB, Rugby, University’s & Colleges, High Schools, Junior High Schools, Personal Athletic Trainers, Sports Medicine Programs, Chiropractors, Individual Home Training and many more.

“We have worked with Gary Fuller from Powernetics for several years and really appreciate their professionalism in business. Without question their machines are second to none. My favorite being The Bear machine. We have had more athletes increase their vertical jump doing this machine more than any other we have ever used. If you want to take your athletic skill to another level then use Powernetics equipment.”

Don Beebe, CEO, House of Speed LLC; Nine Year NFL Veteran, Super Bowl Champion