Hip & Leg Drive Dynamo

29″ Width  X  103″ Length  X  55″ Height

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The BULLDOG is a hip and leg drive dynamo which trains the athlete in a game playing position.  The rapid fire of the BULLDOG takes the athlete to the highest possible level of “POWER TRAINING” where the glutes are heavily worked.

Athletes can work heavy weight loads safely up to a rep a second  The firing of the hips is a natural part of the BULLDOGS motion  The BULLDOG will workapproximately three athletes per minute  The BULLDOG  is structured for jr. high athletes to the professional level  The BULLDOG has an explosive hand separation exercise  Full hip recoil with maximum loading of glutes  Available in most school colors 3 machines in

  • Hip & Leg Drive

  • Explosive Hand Separation

  • Powerful Hack Squat

  • Explosive Hack Jump

Explosive Power


Muscular Endurance


Speed & Quickness