Full Core Development with Torque & Turn

36″ Width  X  78″ Length  X  55″ Height

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The Dominator develops all the major muscles in the upper and lower torsos including the connectors and stabilizers, with corresponding development of the groin and side laterals. Because the Dominator radiates power from the feet all the way through to the hands, in one powerful and continuous line, this explosive torque and turn exercise will allow your athletes to dominate on their field of play.

The Dominator works both sides of the athlete’s torso in a powerful torque and turn exercise, and delivers an explosive chest punch. Athletes can more than double their strength in the torso rotation.

  • Ground Base torque

  • Ground base hip rotation

  • Explosive chest press

Ground Base Power


Core Strength


Speed & Quickness


Dominate the line of play and maximize the lateral chucking strength of the lineman. You will move opponents that you could not move before.  “… the direct specificity of the Dominator makes it a valuable asset.

Mike Gentry, Strength Coach, Virginia Tech Univ