“I see the Bear as the king of the lower body exercise and the finest tool for squatting on the market today.”

“I believe the squat to be the single most important exercise that can be done in the weight room.  For years I believed that “Bar Squats” was the best method for the squat exercise. But, after one year of using the Bear and seeing it’s performance in the weight room that has all changed.”

Mike Woicik

Dallas Cowboys Strength Coach


“Powernetics is the motor that drives our weight room. We build explosive and powerful athletes on the BEAR, BULLDOG & HIGH STEPPER.”


Head Football Coach and Athletic Coordinator,

Arlington Martin H.S.

Dear Mr. Fuller,

 I would like to take the opportunity to commend you on the exceptional design of your Super Cat.  I am a chiropractor specializing in kinesiology, nutrition and exercise program development.  My practice includes professional and elite athletes, as well as, the general public.  I am the co-author of ProBodx, an adult fitness book, published by Harper Collins. The Super Cat has allowed me the capacity to develop and utilize exercises that are corrective in nature as well as performance enhancing.  The Super Cat design enables the training of the nervous system in ways that uniquely impact power, speed and strength.  In addition I am able to significantly improve alignment, posture and muscle recruitment safely and effectively.

Dr. Edyth M. Heus

“We have undergone a revolution in the training of our athletes since installing the power machines of Powernetics. We have since achieved the highest vertical in our players that I have ever witnessed in my years of coaching. There is no question that we have gone far beyond the norm in the overall development of our players.”

Don Shows, Former Head Football Coach
West Monroe High School

“The Power Trainer is the best tool on the market for teaching technique for the power clean and the dead lift. The Trainer is more sport specific that the bar because it allows the athlete to sit back and get the hips involved. It is excellent for benching and  rehab in the bench press.”

William Hicks, Strength Coach

“The Bear has become vital to our weight training program. I see the Bear as the ultimate safe squat exercise. There is no strain placed on the lower back as with a bar, and most of the stress is removed from the knees by the angle position permitting us to overload as well as to train the muscle to maximum exhaustion.”

“I know of no squat exercise that builds more power and explosiveness, and gives a better cardiovascular workout. I would be happy to discuss the Bear with any coach who is interested in knowing more of program specifics.”

Coach David Horning

“The Bear works my hamstrings, lower buttocks, major joints, and also situates my body in an athletic position with the weight control being in a forward direction thereby ensuring me the ability to have an explosive start. I recommend this extensive training equipment for the athlete who has a burning desire to win and a state of mind to be physically challenged.”

Richard L. Dent
Former Defensive End, Chicago Bears

“The Super Cat is certainly an exceptional piece of equipment in every respect. The design and quality of construction surpasses any equipment that I have seen.  As a physician involved in “Sports Medicine”, I am most impressed with the design that has greatly reduced the stress on the lower back and knees. This piece of equipment is essential to any serious athlete interested in maximizing his explosive power potential.”

Harold Clayton, MD
Tyler, Texas

Dear Gary,

I am a 56 year old retired school teacher.  I live rurally in upstate New York. I used the Bear many years ago and never forgot how safe I felt doing squats. I know the Bear was intended for big men, but with the weights loaded below waist level the angle foot board and smooth chain, the Bear gave me a safe way to achieve the most important of weightlifting exercises the squat. 

The Super Cat fit perfectly into my home gym and the results feel just the same as those given by the Bear. The handles added make doing a squat even safer. Thank you for providing a personable purchase experience. Having the Super Cat in my home is a dream come true.

Sincerely, Rita Gordon

“The combination training of the Attacker and Dominator is building the most dominant lineman I have ever coached.”

Ed Stanley

Magee H.S. Mississippi

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